Hearing loss can affect the personality of older adults

Hearing impairment can affect lives in many ways. Untreated hearing loss can negatively affect the physical and mental health of the hearing impaired. Exertion, muscle tension, headaches, feelings of isolation, fear or sadness are some of these consequences.

Studies have shown that hearing loss is associated with decreased brain quality and reduced productivity. Other studies have shown that hearing loss can lead to social isolation and depression, which can reduce the quality of life of those affected. Another study suggests that hearing loss can change the personality of older adults. Those affected become introverted and unsociable.

Smoking can damage your hearing

People who smoke not only damage their airways and blood vessels, but also significantly harm their hearing. One study showed that smoking a cigarette every day increases the risk of hearing loss.

The health of young smokers is also at risk. Adolescents exposed to cigarette smoke were two to three times more likely to experience hearing loss than those with no or little exposure to cigarettes.

In addition, 80 percent of participants in the study were unaware that their health was being affected and that smoking could also cause tinnitus and dizziness.

Tinnitus Causes, Treatment and Tips

It has long been believed that disruptive sounds are triggered by the inner ear itself. Due to the development of the inner ear (which is assumed to be the case), the sound is then transmitted to the brain via the auditory nerve, which is then processed as a disruptive sound. Even after surgery in which the auditory nerve is severed (subsequently resulting in numbness), tinnitus remains. It does not occur in the inner ear but is caused by excessive brain activity.

How do I adapt to wearing hearing aids?

Many patients feel uncomfortable when wearing hearing aids for the first time, such as: Why do I hear unnatural sounds when I wear a hearing aid? Why can I hear the sound but cannot hear it well? In fact, hearing aids are only the beginning of hearing rehabilitation, and it takes some time to adapt to wearing hearing aids for the first time.

best hearing aids with bluetooth

Today, hearing aids can be connected via Bluetooth to other compatible devices, such as TVs, tablets, or cell phones. Some hearing aids are no longer used simply as hearing aids, but also as fully automatic headsets that can easily connect to many multimedia devices without the need for cables.

With many Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can now make phone calls, listen to music or watch TV through your Bluetooth hearing aid.

Signia Hearing Aids Reviews

Signia hearing aids present a broad selection of models with a variety of features to address hearing loss, from mild to profound. Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer with the distinction of offering a mobile app that lets customers get assistance or communicate with their hearing specialist from any location, without an office visit.