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A Phonak hearing aid is the world’s largest hearing aid brand new. Founded in 1947 in Zurich, Phonak quickly emerged as a top programmer of early digital hearing aids. Back in 1985, later acquiring multiple additional hearing aid brands, it took on the name Phonak Holding AG and afterward moved its headquarters to Stäfa, Switzerland. In 2007, the holding company renamed itself Sonova Holding AG or even Sonova Group.

About Phonak Hearing Aids

What are the newest Phonak hearing aids?

Now, Phonak hearing aid is Sonova Group’s flagship brand, famous not just as an industry leader but also being an innovator in digital hearing aid services and products and technologies. Back in 2017, Phonak introduced the first hearing aid to feature a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that provides all-day power, the Audéo BR. And in 2018 Phonak introduced the first full-featured blue tooth hearing aid, ” the Audéo Marvel. Their latest product, Paradise, builds on the base of Marvel with the addition of an accelerometer for motion sensing and exploit controller. Phonak recently established their latest portfolio of products–Paradise–that will be on the basis of the new PRISM chip. The PRISM chip integrates multiple Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz communication protocols on a single chip enabling worldwide blue tooth audio streaming and true hands-free calling.

What are the best Phonak hearing aids?

The brand’s newest Paradise line of hearing aids is possibly the ideal. Universal Bluetooth streaming, compatibility with Phonak’s next generation of Roger wireless streaming devices, and robust lithium-ion re-chargeable models means the Paradise provides the most well-rounded product family ever.

How much do Phonak hearing aids cost?

Phonak hearing aids range in price from $1,367 to $3,964 for each device, based upon the version. Popular models include the Audéo P (Paradise), Audéo M (Marvel), Naída M, Bolero M, Virto M, and Lyric 3. Rechargeable models frequently cost around 5 percent longer.

Rechargeable hearing aids

While rechargeable hearing aids are available for many years, battery-powered powered hearing aids have just been on the market since 2016, when Phonak introduced its own Audéo BR rechargeable hearing aids. Previous generations of rechargeable hearing aids simply weren’t ready for primetime. Consumers experienced difficulties with battery life, leading to significantly less than one full day of power, also erratic power output, which caused hearing aids to malfunction on a standard basis. Advances in lithium-ion battery technology have overcome those problems. Phonak reports that its new generation of rechargeable hearing aids may easily last a full day (as much as 2-4 hours). Thanks to the consistent power output signal of their lithium-ion battery technology, users won’t experience any of the malfunctions or intermittence that limited mature models.

Phonak hearing aid models

Phonak makes top hearing aids, accompanied by an audiologist or other hearing caregiver based on the results of your hearing evaluation. Phonak has an extensive variety of hearing aid models addressing all levels of hearing loss. They come in multiple form factors, with advanced Bluetooth as well as different connectivity features, and a group of accessories. Phonak Audéo Marvel household hearing aids have delivered any noteworthy innovations, including: Stereo Bluetooth loading – free from iPhone, I pad, macOS, Android, Windows, and any Bluetooth-enabled sound device. Hands-free calling in stereo – True hands-free calling from Bluetooth-enabled mobiles and VOIP services such as kype. Television Streaming – Marvel can stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled TVs, and may also stream from the Phonak TV Connector accessory. Rechargeability – Marvel promises a full evening of hearing aid usage from a single charge of its lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. At-home adjustments – Marvel hearing aids can be adjusted by your hearing loss expert. Moisture security – just like the majority of Phonak hearing aids these days, Marvel hearing aids have a superior IP68 rating. RogerDirect – Consumers can stream audio from Phonak’s mobile Roger distant mic directly with their own hearing aids. Phonak hearing aid technology – Phonak’s AutoSense OS™ 3.0, developed with artificial intelligence (AI) helps users listen better at background noise. Smartphone app – my Phonak app provides access to remote support services enabling your hearing care professional to customize your listening experience in real life.

An Affordable Phonak Alternative: HearingAidsElite

Hearing Aids Elite’s mission is to provide people with low-cost hearing aids that can help those who struggle with hearing loss enjoy a better quality of life. We not only make some of the world’s highest quality hearing aids but through innovation and uncompromising manufacturing standards, we provide those hearing aids at an accessible, affordable price for all, regardless of economic status.

Here’s what Phonak and HearingAidsElitehave in common:

FDA-Registered: Both MDHearingAid and Phonak are FDA-registered hearing aids, which means they are medical-grade hearing aids designed to effectively treat hearing loss conditions.
No Office Visit Required: Both hearing aid brands empower hearing loss patients to treat their hearing loss conditions without visiting an audiologist or hearing clinic. Both manufacturers allow you to order hearing aids from home over the internet.
Our affordable line of hearing aids has a Risk-Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and is equipped with advanced features and technology comparable to hearing aids which cost thousands of dollars – for a fraction of the price. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers address their hearing loss and move forward on their journey to better hearing – while saving up to 92% compared to other brands.
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