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There are seven major hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. Since each manufacturer bases its hearing aid development on current technological advances, all hearing aids in the respective performance class are similar in their features. But which manufacturer is perceived to be the best?

best hearing aids on the market

The current survey shows favorite hearing aid manufacturer

A survey by Hearing-Tracker, developed in collaboration with UBS Evidence Lab, examined which manufacturer is favored by hearing care professionals in America. Nearly 500 hearing care professionals participated in the survey, which was conducted at three intervals from September 2018 to March 2019.

Different market conditions determine hearing aid ranking

Based on the fact that hearing aid manufacturers Phonak, Oticon, GN Resound, and Starkey are the most purchased brands in America among respondents, the results are equally reflected here. The most important factors for selecting hearing aids included sound quality, availability from the manufacturer, ease of use, and also value for money. Features such as connectivity, aesthetics, battery life, or the manufacturer’s brand were found to be less important for selection.

Sound quality is the most important criterion when choosing hearing aids

Enter your zip code or city. Oticon emerged as the clear winner in the category of best sound quality and best aesthetics in all three survey intervals, closely followed by Phonak. Oticon and Phonak were also close in terms of price-performance ratio, followed by Unitron and ReSound. Phonak achieved a marginal lead over Oticon in the ease of use and availability of hearing aids from the manufacturer.

HearingAidsElite hearing aids from the manufacturer

Hearing Aids Elite’s mission is to provide people with low-cost hearing aids that can help those who struggle with hearing loss enjoy a better quality of life. We not only make some of the world’s highest quality hearing aids but through innovation and uncompromising manufacturing standards, we provide those hearing aids at an accessible, affordable price for all, regardless of economic status. FDA-Registered: Both MDHearingAid and Phonak are FDA-registered hearing aids, which means they are medical-grade hearing aids designed to effectively treat hearing loss conditions. No Office Visit Required: Both hearing aid brands empower hearing loss patients to treat their hearing loss conditions without visiting an audiologist or hearing clinic. Both manufacturers allow you to order hearing aids from home over the internet.

best hearing aids on the market 

Our affordable line of hearing aids has a Risk-Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and is equipped with advanced features and technology comparable to hearing aids which cost thousands of dollars – for a fraction of the price. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers address their hearing loss and move forward on their journey to better hearing – while saving up to 92% compared to other brands. Each Hearing Aids Elite hearing aid we sell is backed by a rock-solid one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If they become defective or stop working, we will fix them or replace them at no cost. 

In connectivity, ReSound secured first place, followed by Oticon and Starkey. And in battery life, Phonak is also a clear frontrunner, ahead of Siemens and Widex. In the survey of how hearing care professionals rated their customers’ satisfaction with various brands, Oticon emerged as “very satisfied” with 68%, Phonak 55%, and Widex 51%. In the “satisfied” category, on the other hand, ReSound scored 38%, followed by 36% Unitron, 46% HearingAidsElite, and only then Phonak tied with Oticon at 32%.

Hearing aids study results confirmed

Conclusion: In addition to the factors evaluated, the subjective experience of hearing care professionals with hearing aids plays a significant role in the selection of hearing aids offered in specialist stores. The results of the survey therefore exclusively reflect the subjective perception of the hearing care professionals and should be regarded as such.

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