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Hearing loss is a loss of hearing ability to varying degrees in both ears due to a variety of causes, resulting in an inability to hear or hear the surroundings and speech sounds, resulting in limitations in the patient’s daily life and social participation.

Do you have hearing loss?

The main causes of hearing loss

1. Congenital hearing loss
Hereditary deafness, which is caused by genetic mutations or chromosomal abnormalities
Non-genetic (acquired)
Common causes: maternal infections such as rubella, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, acoustic injury, radiation injury, toxic injury, etc., neonatal injury during delivery or hypoxia, hyperbilirubinemia
2、Congenital ear development abnormalities
Otitis media. Including acute otitis media, chronic suppurative otitis media, and otitis media sequelae such as tympanic membrane perforation.
Infectious hearing loss. Common diseases such as rubella, mumps, bacterial meningitis, syphilis, etc.
4、Ototoxic drugs. Common ototoxic drugs include gentamicin, salicylic acid painkillers, diuretics, anti-cancer drugs, etc. Common ototoxic chemicals such as aluminum, phosphorus, arsenic, benzene, etc.
6、Age-related hearing loss. It refers to the progressive aging process of the auditory organs together with other tissues and organs in the body due to aging, and the physiological phenomenon of hearing loss.
7、Metabolic and endocrine factors
8、Trauma to the head and ear
9、Other systemic factors
10、Other ear diseases. Including sudden hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, auditory neuropathy, ear tumor, etc.

Symptoms of hearing loss

Symptoms in adults

– People seem to mumble
-When people talk or whisper, you have to concentrate to hear
-You have a hard time hearing when people talk from behind you or from another room
-You have to see the speaker’s lips to follow your conversation
-You have a hard time talking to people in public places such as meetings, church or lectures
-You often have to turn up the volume on the TV or radio
-Inaudible words
-You struggle to hear in theaters, movie theaters, or other entertainment venues
-You struggle to hear in noisy environments such as restaurants and cars

Symptoms of hearing loss in infants and children

-Inability to complete age-appropriate communication (in some cases incorrectly defined as developmental delays)
-Not responding to sudden, strong sounds
-Inability to properly orient the head toward a sound when it is presented (especially soft sounds)
-Recurrent ear infections
-Inability to respond correctly to sounds coming from other rooms or from behind
-Low or abnormal development of speech comprehension -Low or abnormal development of speech

Grades of hearing loss

WHO (WHO-1997) classifies hearing loss as follows:
-Average hearing loss less than or equal to 25 decibels is considered normal
-Mild hearing loss with a mean hearing loss between 26 and 40 decibels
-Moderate hearing loss between 41 and 60 decibels
-Mean hearing loss between 61 and 80 decibels for severe hearing loss
-Mean hearing loss greater than or equal to 81 decibels is very severe hearing loss
If you don’t have an audiogram, a rough estimate:
-If you have no problems with normal communication, and only occasionally have trouble hearing other people’s conversations, then the average hearing loss is usually no more than 45 decibels.
-The average hearing loss is about 50~55 decibels if you listen to people’s voices, or if you watch TV at a high volume.
-Other people must speak very loudly to hear, then generally speaking, the hearing loss is more than 56 decibels
-If you can only respond to shouting, car horns, or drums, your hearing loss is 71 decibels or more.
-If you can’t sense the sound, you have a hearing loss of 90 decibels or more.


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