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Eargo hearing aids is just really a health and fitness tech company that has destigmatizing hearing loss during invention. Eargo brings a fresh brand to a crude sector inundated by inflated rates, needless negotiations, and complicated buying challenges. For the first time, there’s a new that provides consumers with a modern buying experience, great technology, and also a very clear comprehension of hearing health. Know more now concerning the enhanced sensory encounter Eargo has offered thousands of people across America.

Eargo Hearing Aids

About Eargo Hearing Aids.

Eargo is actually just a direct-to-consumer hearing aid manufacturer that sent its earliest hearing aids in 2015. In spite of the fact that it is really a newcomer to the hearing aid industry, Eargo has already established itself as an innovator of hearing aid tech. The nose, ear, and throat surgeon who based Eargo — Florent Michel — launched the organization with the goal of developing discreet, more operational, rechargeable hearing aids which consumers could buy across the internet without visiting a practice. Eargo also asserts to be more affordable, but with prices varying from $1,850 to $2,950 per set, these hearing aids are much from”inexpensive” and more in accordance with the costs you will discover when seeing an audiologist for custom-fitted hearing aids.

The Eargo Hearing Aids Purchase Experience.

Just how much will Eargo hearing aids cost?

Eargo Neo Hifi $2,950 for a set (latest tech and highest sound quality) Eargo Neo $2,350 for a set (still the newest technology but marginally lower sound quality and noise cancelation) Eargo Max $1,850 (phasing out, does not utilize remote service or program )

Can I return the Eargo hearing aids when they don’t really work?

Yes so long as they have been in good condition and returned within 45 days Note that in many nations there exists a $99 restocking fee

What is your Eargo warranty if something breaks?

The NEO Hifi has a 2-year warranty, and the less costly models (Eargo Neo and Eargo Max) really have a 1-year warranty.

Does Eargo possess Bluetooth for telephone calls or music?

None of the Eargo models allow for Bluetooth connection due to this size (fingers crossed that one varies over time)

Could I exercise and play sports in my personal Eargo hearing aids?

Eargo hearing aids are water-resistant (not watertight ), however you may sweat from them without difficulty.

Eargo’s approach toward hearing aid tech centers

Around “discreetness.” All three of their newest models (that the Neo HiFi, Neo, and Max) are invisible in-the-ear designs: Eargo products

Three features Stick out about Eargo visually: Black in Color: Eargos are black in color to mimic the natural shadow of their ear canal. This leaves Eargos not as noticeable. “Fishing Lure” Design: Eargo designers used the appearance of a fishing bait for inspiration. The most noticeable feature is the”prickly” silicone ear match, which Eargo calls either”Flexi Fibers” or”Flexi Palms” depending upon the apparatus mode. This design gives the hearing assist at the biggest market of the ear canal without forming an air-tight seal — that lets the ears breathe and also helps to prevent your voice out of appearing strange when you speak. Pull-Cord for Removal: You will also notice an obvious pull-cord for effortless removal of the apparatus in the ear. These physical design elements not only produce Eargo look unique compared to invisible-in-the-ear models from other brands, however, they are well-thought-out improvements that (1) make the hearing aid less observable, (2) reduce the issue of own-voice distortion; also (3) create the hearing aid simpler to remove.

Eargo Hearing Aids Review 2021

We scoured the web to learn how real Eargo customers feel about Eargo hearing aids. Here are some of the most telling customer experiences we found:

Huge improvement over my prior behind-the-ear experience!

I have never written a product review before… But, these hearing aids exceeded my expectations. I had used behind-the-ear aids for about 8 years – purchased for $7,000 (!) so I could hear in high noise environments to help my mild-to-moderate sensorineural deficit. Unfortunately, my prior aids were a complete failure. Not surprisingly (in retrospect), they helped me hear sounds behind me better than in front of me, despite 3 levels of “programming”, multiple different ear pieces, etc. Stopped using them. Then tried the Eargo Neo product – BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! Took some fiddling to get the ear piece right, level of amplification right – (remember, no audiologist to guide you through this) – but after about 6 weeks, I LOVE THEM! I can no hear in restaurants and cocktail parties. They are invisible, rechargeable, and a HUGE improvement over my prior experience. I don’t know how long the rechargeable battery will last – and WARNING: they are so comfortable that it is easy to step in the shower without removing them (they are not water resistant!) Overall, very satisfied, and would recommend them to a friend!

Best purchase I’ve ever made

I am 55 years old and have needed hearing aids for a long time, just didn’t want people to know that I had them mainly. So I’ve gotten by, agreeing with people but not really having a clue what they were talking about most of the time. I finally thought I’d give Eargo Neo a try because they fit into my ears and no one knows I’m using them but me. And who would want to fool with batteries when these recharge themselves just by putting them in the case at night when I’m not using them. Anyway, what did I have to lose with a 45-day free trial? I COULDN’T BELIEVE how much I’ve been missing. Before I could only hear the background noise but now I can hear everything I couldn’t before and the background noise is not amplified and there is no whistling even when driving with the window down. I want to Thank You Eargo for giving me my life back.

Eargo hearing aids have changed my life!

My hearing went bad a number of years ago — I finally decided to get hearing aids 18 months ago. Endless trips to the audiologist. Multiple sets of hearing aids. More trips to the audiologist. Broken hearing aid? Back to the audiologist so they can send it to the manufacturer and then once the manufacturer is done fixing it — back to the audiologist to pick it up — YUCK! 3 best things about this: 1) Open design — can totally hear all normal sounds “around” the device. The biggest challenge to get used to hearing aids was that the parts of the sounds spectrum I could hear got blocked out with the in-the-ear devices — so the endless audiologist tuning was not just to “tune in” the parts I can’t hear — we also have to “tune in” the parts I can hear, but no longer can with the device in. None of that with this. 2) This is totally optimized around voice. One of my audiologists said, “you will be amazed at how you can hear crinkling paper!” I don’t want to hear crinkling paper — I want to stop having to say “can you say that again?” 80 times a day. This does that — completely optimized to increase voices and decrease background noise. 3) Did I mention you don’t have to go to the audiologist? I’ve had two other sets of in-the-ear devices — both at $4,000+. This one worked the best for fixing my hearing — totally legit “hearing aid from the audiologist” quality device. Get it. Stop asking “Huh? Can you please repeat?”

An Affordable Eargo Alternative: HearingAidsElite

Hearing Aids Elite’s mission is to provide people with low-cost hearing aids that can help those who struggle with hearing loss enjoy a better quality of life. We not only make some of the world’s highest quality hearing aids but through innovation and uncompromising manufacturing standards, we provide those hearing aids at an accessible, affordable price for all, regardless of economic status.

Here’s what Eargo and HearingAidsElitehave in common:

FDA-Registered: Both MDHearingAid and Eargo are FDA-registered hearing aids, which means they are medical-grade hearing aids designed to effectively treat hearing loss conditions.
No Office Visit Required: Both hearing aid brands empower hearing loss patients to treat their hearing loss conditions without visiting an audiologist or hearing clinic. Both manufacturers allow you to order hearing aids from home over the internet.
Our affordable line of hearing aids has a Risk-Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and is equipped with advanced features and technology comparable to hearing aids which cost thousands of dollars – for a fraction of the price. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers address their hearing loss and move forward on their journey to better hearing – while saving up to 92% compared to other brands.
Each Hearing Aids Elite hearing aid we sell is backed by a rock-solid one year manufacturers warranty. If they become defective or stop working, we will fix them or replace them at no cost. VIEW NOW

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