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There are many different brands of hearing aids, and based on the type of hearing loss you have, specific brands will be greater than others. These new improvements provide a much better solution for those who have hearing loss. The first hearing aids invented were large amplifiers with cans. Now, hearing aids come in a number of styles, colors, and technology. You no longer ask yourself, “What hearing aids are the best?” You ask, “How to choose hearing aids?” Or, “How do I want it to look?” And, “how much do listen clear hearing aids cost?

Hearing Aids Brands


Founded in Switzerland in 1947, Phonak Hearing has a strong reputation for children’s hearing aids and wireless listening systems and is a provider of hearing compensation solutions.
For more than 70 years, Phonak Hearing (Sonova Hearing Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) has been committed to innovation, research and development, and providing hearing solutions to customers worldwide.
The company’s full-time sound tracking system (AutoSense OS) allows hearing aid products to automatically switch between listening modes in different sound environments. The company’s lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids allow users to say goodbye to the hassle of battery replacement. The company defines a new benchmark for in-the-ear hearing aids by applying titanium 3D printing technology to in-the-ear hearing aids.
The innovative MFA (Made For ALL) wide-area compatible technology, which directly connects to Apple, Android, and most smartphones, defines a new standard for wireless Bluetooth hearing aids. Biocalibration technology effectively improves the accuracy and precision of sound capture and delivery, a new sublimation of custom hearing aids. For medium to long distances beyond the hearing aid’s range, the company also has RogerDirect and AirStream transmission protocols to make conversations seem like a stone’s throw away.


In 1967, Mr. Austin founded Starck with the promise, “We are limited in our power, but together, we can change the world.” That promise remains true today, which is why for every Stantec hearing aid you purchase, Stantec donates a portion of the proceeds to the Stantec Hearing Foundation, which helps people around the world who are hungry for the gift of hearing. To date, Stantec has donated more than one million hearing aids worldwide through the Stantec Hearing Foundation.
At Starck, the company believes that all new Starck products will improve the hearing of people with hearing loss. In the early stages of development, the company carefully researches the actual needs of patients and fitters to improve their hearing loss and the usefulness of hearing aids and then starts product development with that in mind.
In recent years, the company has been putting patients’ needs first and solving problems to meet their demands. For example, comfortable sound quality in all listening environments, easy-to-use volume switches, and program buttons, more powerful chips, and beautiful and attractive designs.
Stantec Hearing Technologies is a design, development, and sales company for hearing solutions. The company believes in using innovative hearing technology to create a greater cause, allowing everyone with hearing loss to make a new connection with the world around them.
With more than 6,000 employees worldwide and 26 operating centers in over 22 countries, Stantec’s quality hearing products are sought after by the world’s leading audiologists.
Stantec is leading the industry, putting innovation into action. The company continues to bring creative, evidence-based technology to the industry that is loved by people with hearing loss. The company’s confidence is based on innovative technology and proven experience gained over many years. Stantec is proud of its commitment to using innovative, evidence-based techniques to help more people with hearing loss lead productive lives.


Founded in 1956 in Denmark, with a focus on digital hearing aid technology, the largest hearing aid manufacturer offers easy-to-use/life-integrated, clear and natural hearing solutions
In 1956, Christian Tøpholm and Erik Westermann, two young talents in the hearing aid industry, founded Widex in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, Widex is one of the most reputable hearing aid manufacturers. With users in over 100 countries and more than 4,000 employees worldwide, Widex has been exploring the mysteries of sound for more than 60 years and has never stopped striving for a natural, clear, high-fidelity “hearing only sound”.


Signia is one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands. With 140 years of experience, it launched globally in 2016 and has grown to become one of the top three hearing aid brands in the world. ー Signia is committed to bringing innovative products to market that truly change the lives of users and the hearing care professionals who serve them.
Sega X Platform hearing aids, equipped with acoustic-motor sensors enable you to experience clear listening levels anywhere, allowing you to participate fully in life.
Once hearing loss occurs, it can limit your natural listening experience. With Sega hearing aids’ new OVP acoustic processing, it now takes your hearing to the next level, restoring your own voice to its true, natural state.
The premium solution delivers a natural listening experience that lets you hear more naturally. Bluetooth technology enables direct transmission of the phone, music, and TV audio signals to your hearing aids. The revolutionary Hearing Cloud App acts as your fitter, allowing you to enjoy good service anytime, anywhere.


Liston is one of the top five hearing aid brands of Siemens Hearing Group, which originated in Switzerland more than 50 years ago and now has research and development facilities in Irish Roots, Germany, Singapore, and Minneapolis, USA.
For many years, Liston has focused on audiological research and the development of more comfortable and convenient hearing aids. The company’s hearing aids include numerous technologies designed to provide you with a better quality of life.
Liston hearing aids are characterized by five main features: voice (360 adaptive directional microphone system), comfort (feedback prevention system – the benchmark in the hearing aid industry), intelligent automatic (automatic environmental adaptation level), convenience (Bluetooth wireless connection), and individual settings according to the hearing needs of our customers. In addition, we offer many high-tech accessories such as Bluetooth remote control and charger, which will also help you to use your hearing aid more conveniently.

Invisible Hearing Aids.

Today’s hearing aids are very inconspicuous. With advances in microtechnology, you don’t have to hide your hearing aids. Your hearing aids will hide. Our hearing aids are so small that they are practically invisible. The vanity excuse is no longer a reason to postpone controlling your hearing loss.VIEW NOW

Digital Hearing Aids.

By digitizing sound, we can use other technologies to process and optimize sound before it reaches your brain. Digital hearing aids can now: filter out background noise, separate speech from noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, automatically adjust the volume of music and TV, and soften impulsive sounds such as crumpled paper or broken glass.
Hearing Aids Elite with Digital Noise Reduction, Adaptive Dual Directional Microphones Work Together to Help You Hear Clearly in Complex Listening Environment, the Microphones Provide Better Background Noise Reduction Compared to Aids with a Single Microphone. Our Amplifier Is Also Equipped with an Advanced Digital Sound Processor Chip Determines Which Direction the Sound Comes from, Allows You to Focus More Clearly on the Conversation That Matters Most. VIEW NOW

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