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How do I choose the best hearing aid? How to opt for “good” hearing assistance? The word”good” here actually means”suitable”, not that the costlier the machine is, even the”better” it really is.
How do I choose a best hearing aid?

The hearing reduction of this hearing-impaired man Inch.

The degree of hearing loss.

Pure tone average hearing threshold PTA: 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz four frequency points in specifying the significance of speech intelligibility accounted for 70%, is your important range to gauge the auditory function. For this reason, WHO uses the typical price of hearing loss in frequency points of 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz as the foundation for classifying hearing loss levels. Ordinarily, we are able to choose ordinary power hearing aids for patients with hearing loss within 80dB, higher power hearing aids for patients who have hearing loss within 80-90dB, superpower hearing aids for patients with hearing loss above 90dB, along with cochlear implantation is advised for extremely acute hearing loss having a poor compensation aftereffect of hearing aids.

The smoothness of this audiogram.

Language is a blend of sounds of various frequencies. For patients with hearing loss, the degree of loss of different frequencies can be different. The flatter the hearing curve is the greater the results will undoubtedly be with hearing aids. For those who have a hearing curve that isn’t level, we are able to increase the number of stations of their hearing aid to resolve the issue. The channels of the hearing aid divide the noise frequencies into several components and move within several little parts to correct the hearing curve in order all the frequency noises can be attracted to the standard range first, and because the stations grow, the sound processing will become increasingly far better.


Speech recognition for hearing impaired patients

Speech recognition may be the basis for hearing aid fitting. Hearing aids can simply help you hear a sound, but understanding what that sound means depends on the speech recognition the capacity of the brain. The more complicated the speech recognition skill, the better your hearing aid will likely function and the better the hearing aid will likely be. Patients with inadequate speech recognition need to choose hearing aids using more channels and greater clarity to improve the speech recognition speed just as much as possible to fit up with the individual’s psychological expectations.

Expectations of hearing-impaired patients

Hearing aids, as its name implies, help the hearing impaired patient to listen, not substitute for the hearing impaired patient’s mind. It’s unrealistic for some hearing-impaired patients to expect they will be able to know at exactly the exact same degree as before they’re dead. Although hearing aids are getting increasingly more operational and technically advanced level with the growth of technology, hearing aids are far from only artificial hearing devices, and some distortion and noise will necessarily happen. Especially when patients wish to be fitted with low to mid-size hearing aids, they should lower the emotional expectations of their users and set reasonable expectations, for example, a four-week rehab application for hearing aids and so on. After having a hearing aid, there is a process of adaptation, both psychologically and physically. It’s very important to wear them every day and encourage to put them on slowly stretching the wearing time and taking the hearing aids to get shorter and shorter intervals. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to utilize the hearing aids for a long time without feeling uneasy.

The financial situation of hearing-impaired patients

Hearing-impaired patients always request very great performance and cheap hearing aids when choosing hearing aids. It is essential for the healthier to earn a fair match for each patient’s different requirements. If the financial situation permits, Freestyle fitting is advised. The advantages of binaural fitting are as follows: ① Maintain directional equilibrium, discriminate noise management, discriminate audio degree, and help enhance sound source localization ability ② Improve signal-to-noise ratio, improve address resolution, help hearing-impaired individuals hear clearly within background noise, listen to audio more naturally and easily ③ Improve sensory anxiety occurrence, protect residual hearing ④ Remove head shadow result ⑤ Boost sound loudness, binaural hearing integration ⑥ Reduce reverberation effect, along with Masking tinnitus.

The Form of hearing aids

Below the state that the financial requirements and comfort and power have been fulfilled, the customized machine should be worn as much as possible. Its main features are 1. Making utilization of the physiological function of the human ear, also using the auricle to amass more high-quality noise, which makes the sound clear and improving speech recognition; 2. Beautiful and hidden, avoiding psychological barriers; 3. Convenient, perhaps not restricted with movement; 4. Suitable for answering the phone. After the hearing patient’s hearing surpasses 110dbHL, the strength of this customized machine cannot satisfy the patient’s needs to think about the behind-the-ear machine. Some hearing-impaired patients are especially sensitive to outside objects, wearing an in-the-ear system, ear canal equipment or deep ear canal system may produce obstructing ear result, the notably low-frequency loss is small, the fat loss is acute hearing is much more likely to produce obstructing ear effect, we are able to match open ear or external machine of the speaker, so the blocking ear effect is going to be paid down to the minimum.

In what environment to use hearing aids

Before selecting a hearing aid, it is important to ensure the environment by which you will use it. Various surroundings produce different noises, therefore if you would like to hear and listen clearly in various surroundings, then we have to compensate for hearing otherwise and select hearing aids in a concentrated manner. In the event you need to make clear calls, you also may select those with MFI or MFA function, wireless listening and guide cell phone connection. Then, for example, in the event the individual regularly would go into meetings, then you may pick hearing aids with feast environment apps or fitting wireless attachments; multi-program hearing aids make it possible for patients to make work with them in different surroundings, and users can choose the corresponding calling programs in line with the changes of the newfound ecological noise, such as silent program, noisy app, Music program, etc… If you work or live in a noisy environment for quite a very long time, then you should select a hearing aid together with good noise reduction functionality.


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