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Temperatures are rising and beach vacations are on the horizon – which poses new challenges for your hearing aids. We have put together some useful tips for you on how to care for your hearing aids and your hearing during the hot summer days.

Maintenance of hearing aids in summer

Protect Your Hearing Aids from Moisture

In the past, older hearing aids were easily damaged by water. So if you wear older models, we recommend that you treat them very carefully. Remember to take them off before you plunge into the cool water! At the beach, it is essential to make sure that your hearing aids are kept safe, stay dry and protected from the sand. Saltwater penetration can dry and the resulting salt crystals can affect the functioning of your hearing aids. This can also lead to corrosion. If your hearing aids get wet, be sure to air them out. To do this, open the battery compartment. We recommend that you obtain a drying box for hearing aids.

Storing and drying hearing aids

Hearing aids serve to improve hearing sensation. Inside the tiny housings is a highly intelligent computer technology that ensures that we can hear and understand our surroundings well again. As with other computers, however, modern electronics do not tolerate moisture. It is therefore important to avoid it.

Why does a hearing aid need to be dried?

Hearing aids operate in a subtropical climate, so to speak: they are worn in or behind the ear, and in this area, there is a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius and humidity of almost 100% – similar to the subtropics. This humidity accumulates in the devices and should be removed regularly to avoid damage to the technology.

How can hearing aids be dried?

For proper drying of hearing instruments, there are special drying boxes, drying cases, or drying cups that you can get from your hearing care professional. They are small containers that remove the accumulated moisture from the mini-computers overnight. All you have to do is put your hearing aids in with the battery compartment open (this is important so that this can also be dried) and press a small button. The climate and duration of drying will then be regulated automatically.

How often should hearing aids be dried?

Condensation caused by humidity collects in your hearing aids every day. To avoid unnecessary damage, it is therefore recommended to dehumidify hearing aids daily. Simply place them in the dehumidifier overnight and reinsert them the next morning, well dried. Always make sure to open the compartment for the batteries and choose a room with a rather dry climate as the location for the drying box. Bathrooms and kitchens are unsuitable because of the high humidity. The bedroom can also be a concern because of the moisture released when breathing. Workrooms, for example, are well suited.

Maintenance of hearing aids in summer

How are hearing aids cleaned?

Hearing aids are with us all day long, they are everywhere, and have to cope with a lot. To ensure that you can always hear well and benefit from your hearing aid for a long time, regular cleaning is essential. You can do this yourself at home. Professional cleaning at an acoustician is also possible, but usually not necessary.

How often should hearing aids be cleaned?

Sweat and cerumen (earwax) can quickly contaminate hearing aids. The following applies: The more pronounced the cerumen and sweat formation, the more frequently you should clean your device. However, it’s best to get in the habit of checking and cleaning your hearing aid daily for visible debris. Incorporate this process into your daily routine – just like brushing your teeth.

What should you use to clean hearing aids?

Regardless of whether it is an in-the-ear or behind-the-ear model, the hearing aid should not get too wet (never put your hearing aids in the water!). It is recommended to lightly moisten a microfiber cloth or a piece of kitchen paper with a special disinfectant and gently rub the hearing aid with it. Suitable products for the care of hearing systems and suitable cleaning sets (for example, with special cloths and brushes) are available from your acoustician. Never use washing-up liquid, alcohol, or cleaning agents containing aggressive substances.

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