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Outstanding technology and unassuming product design make hearing aids an essential companion. Most importantly, they offer one thing: a real improvement in the quality of life. So, if you encounter dusty prejudices about hearing aids in your environment, simply make some very good arguments to refute them.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are big, bulky, and unsightly.

Hearing aids are worn more discreetly and confidently today than they were a few years ago. In addition to miniature in-ear hearing aids, it also includes in-ear hearing aids that are barely visible, as well as models in popular colors such as purses, watches, and cell phones, which can become real fashion accessories. Even so, many people still think of “beige prostheses” when they think of hearing aids. Those days are over: modern hearing aids are discreet, easy to use, and even fashionable.

Hearing-impaired people only need hearing aids.

whether nearsighted or farsighted – glasses can compensate for even minimal visual impairment. Anyone who relies on visual aids (e.g. when driving or reading) can be sure of this. The same is true for hearing impairment, which can be recognized in subtle ways: In particular, conversations in a group or in a room with a lot of background noise (e.g. in a restaurant) are difficult to carry out. Listening to music is also not as intense as it used to be. It turns out that, seriously, untreated hearing loss is usually followed by a progressive loss of general perceptual abilities and eventually by increased social isolation. The less we hear, the less we have the opportunity to participate in our daily lives. More importantly

Hearing aids should only be worn by older people.

Do you think that people who wear hearing aids must automatically grow old too? Of course not. Sometimes hearing loss also affects age – but surveys show that about two-thirds of people with hearing loss are under the age of 64. The effects of listening to music out loud (e.g., through headphones and at concerts) or the noise sources in our daily lives can irritate and damage our hearing from an early age. Hearing aid technology has become very “trendy”: remote controls compatible with the latest smartphones such as the iPhone, Bluetooth connectivity, or hearing aids are already on the market.

I can’t afford a hearing aid.

Don’t say that! Today, hearing aids are available in a wide range of prices depending on the device, and you can even get a high-performance model on HearingAidsElite will give you a great improvement in your quality of life.

Two hearing aids are better.

Let’s put it this way: Noise comes from left and right, top left, bottom right – in short, everywhere. In order to be able to reproduce as much spatial hearing as possible with hearing loss, it is important to use two hearing aids. Try it and you will find that you can hear better with both hearing aids. Your listening experience is greatly improved, allowing you to better locate and distribute tones and noises.

Hearing aids always work in the first place.

Please do not compare other cognitive weaknesses (such as myopia) to hearing loss. Poor vision is much easier to detect than hearing impairment, which is extremely complex. It involves not only matching the hearing aid to the ear perfectly but also gradually training the brain to “relearn” sound – which can be done by the “ticking” or “buzzing” of a clock. Start with the refrigerator. We recommend that you visit a hearing care professional about three times for a hearing training program until the device fits your needs perfectly.

Hearing aids always whistle.

A frequent occurrence with older hearing aids. The cause of the annoying whistling is feedback, which is caused by incorrect amplification of the audio signal. The signal is sent from the ear canal and amplified again by the hearing aid. Modern devices are much better configured and equipped with a feedback manager that prevents annoying whistling.

Hearing aids make everything seem too loud.

“All or nothing”-This is the best way to describe the volume control of some (now obsolete) hearing aids. Finding the personal perfection point is key. Technology has come a long way here, too: modern devices can be adjusted very precisely to suit any hearing impairment as well as the numerous typical environmental noises. Sometimes this happens automatically or via remote control – hearing aids have never been more comfortable!

Hearing aids are no help for tinnitus.

Oh! There are highly developed devices on the market, so-called “noise generators”, which use a special tinnitus program to produce a constant background noise that overrides the tinnitus and makes it more tolerable. Even people with no hearing loss can benefit from this by simply whistling constantly.

No follow-up treatment by the hearing aid acoustician and unnecessary costs for the customer.

The hearing ability that hearing aids must accommodate changes with age. In addition, in contrast to the rest of the body, the ear continues to grow until the end of its life – where it is necessary to renew the ear mold regularly. Especially for people with hearing loss who know less about technology (e.g. children or the elderly), regular check-ups are necessary to ensure the full functionality of the hearing aid.

I will not get a hearing aid. If I don’t like it or don’t like it, I will pay the full cost.

Be honest: You must take a test drive before you buy a car. In order to check the function of a hearing aid, it is important to wear it as a test.

Hearing aids are not suitable for making phone calls.

Do you take your hearing aids out of your ears when making phone calls because – especially with cordless phones – they cause an unpleasant whistling sound? Thanks to modern technology, this is not always the case! Using the transmitter on the phone connected wirelessly to the hearing aid, the correct frequency is automatically generated, and making a call becomes a pleasure.

Hearing aid providers and retailers don’t give honest advice.

That’s equal sight and trust – that’s why you always have the opportunity to try out different hearing aids in your daily life before you actually buy them. Free of charge and without obligation, of course – because we are only satisfied when you are satisfied. Our affordable line of hearing aids has a Risk-Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and is equipped with advanced features and technology comparable to hearing aids which cost thousands of dollars – for a fraction of the price.

We have helped thousands of satisfied customers address their hearing loss and move forward on their journey to better hearing – while saving up to 92% compared to other brands. Each Hearing Aids Elite hearing aid we sell is backed by a rock-solid one year manufacturer’s warranty. If they become defective or stop working, we will fix them or replace them at no cost.

Do you find yourself reading lips or simply avoiding conversations or social situations altogether because you have a hard time following what others are saying? Do people complain your radio or television is up too loud, or that they called or rang the doorbell, but you didn’t answer because you couldn’t hear it?

If so, you are a perfect candidate for our products available here at Hearing Aids Elite. Don’t wait another day to improve your quality of life! There is no risk, satisfaction is guaranteed and they are so comfortable, you may forget you are wearing them. 

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