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I’m often asked, “what are the best hearing aids?” Honestly, this is an impossible question to answer. Each significant hearing instrument manufacturer has a comprehensive product line that may significantly improve hearing in all listening situations. Each supplies a huge variety of fashions and power ranges that have many features and benefits.

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What’s the best hearing aid?

The very simple answer is they all make the top merchandise AND none of them create the very best products. Let me clarify… The problem with picking the”best” hearing aids is that everybody’s ears perceive sound otherwise. The most successful fittings are achieved by choosing the instruments that will provide maximum performance in all listening environments while functioning within the parameters of the hearing impairment. As your audiologist, then I have to decide which product will perform well for the way your ears encode sounds. This encoding analysis is completed in the testing area. The testing will establish the slightest sound levels which you could hear (threshold levels), your most comfortable listening levels as well as also the loudest sounds you can endure without discomfort. When I got this data, I’ll pick the products which will replicate sounds in exactly the same way your ears perceive them. Ultimately, the hearing aids that parallel the way that your ears procedure sounds are the”best” hearing aids for you personally.



Can You Stop Your Hearing Loss from Getting Worse?

As people age, their hearing loss will get worse. This can be a natural consequence of aging brought on by circulatory and kidney disorders, or cumulative sound exposure. Luckily, in many cases, you can slow the process. Here Are a Few Tips to consider:



Avoid Noise Exposure

Excessively loud noise exposure is the main cause of hearing loss. Noise can be recreational (shooting firearms, music) or occupational (factory machinery, movie sound editing). However, noise exposure may be controlled. The use of ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs, or just leaving the noisy place, will protect against hearing damage. A good rule would be if you can’t hear your voice from the presence of sound, it is probably wise to use ear protection.



Wear Your Hearing Aids

Based on research, individuals who have problems with hearing loss, but do not wear hearing aids, are inclined to experience continuing corrosion of their hearing. Research has determined that after people start using hearing aids, hearing aids in roughly seventy percent of instances.



Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Many researchers have revealed that consuming vitamins C, E and dietary magnesium may shield against hearing loss. Furthermore, a diet full of antioxidants may help keep blood flow to the inner ear by commanding nitric oxide levels.


Fish Oils and Omega-3

Studies have shown a relationship between routine consumption of oils full of omega-3 and also the preservation of hearing loss. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that two weekly portions of fresh fish may lower the risk of hearing loss from forty-two percent for individuals over fifty decades of age. Furthermore, eating fresh fish regularly can provide protection against cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers, and also enhance brain functioning.


Have Routine Medical Checkups

Be sure to see your physician as frequently as he/she recommends to control blood pressure, diabetes and kidney ailments.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids Elite’s mission is to provide people with low-cost hearing aids that can help those who struggle with hearing loss enjoy a better quality of life. We not only make some of the world’s highest quality hearing aids but through innovation and uncompromising manufacturing standards, we provide those hearing aids at an accessible, affordable price for all, regardless of economic status. Hearing Aids Elite products require no in-person fittings or medical exams, so they are perfect to give as a gift. Plus, they have a satisfaction guarantee, we are an FDA registered manufacturer of hearing aids and follow best practices in our manufacturing processes, so there is no risk. Our affordable line of hearing aids has a Risk-Free – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and is equipped with advanced features and technology comparable to hearing aids which cost thousands of dollars – for a fraction of the price. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers address their hearing loss and move forward on their journey to better hearing – while saving up to 92% compared to other brands. Each Hearing Aids Elite hearing aid we sell is backed by a rock-solid one year manufacturers warranty. If they become defective or stop working, we will fix them or replace them at no cost. VIEW NOW

In Summary

• Take action to avoid noise exposure. If you can’t avoid loud noise, buy commercial ear protection contact me regarding custom safeguards. •Wear your hearing aids daily. • Visit your physician regularly and follow his/her recommendations regarding supplements. • Have your hearing tested annually to ensure your hearing levels are stable. If you’ve got questions about avoiding hearing loss, just contact us.


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