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Hearing Aids Increase The Quality Of Life

Studies have found that hearing aid users have a better quality of life. Survey participants also said that people with hearing aids tend to be less depressed and less exhausted in the evening. Additionally, hearing aid users sleep better, according to the research.

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Maintenance of hearing aids in summer

Temperatures are rising which poses new challenges for your hearing aids. For you on how to care for your hearing aids and your hearing during the hot summer days.

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Getting Used To New Hearing Aids

Telephone ringing, street noise, birds chirping: a good hearing aid brings the world acoustically to life. Once you get used to hearing loss, these many sensory impressions can be a bit overwhelming at first. Don’t let this deter you and take the time you need to get used to your new hearing aid. This includes both the physical sensation of the device in your ear and the actual hearing. One thing is for sure: After some time of getting used to the device, you will not want to miss it anymore!

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Noise is harmful to ears

Have you ever thought about protecting your ears? No? You are certainly not alone in this. Often we don’t even think about the effects that everyday noises can have on our hearing. Not only can constant noise cause hearing loss, but it can also pose many other health risks. Learn more about the effects of noise and how you can best protect your hearing.

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Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children

Unilateral hearing loss occurs when you have poorer hearing or no hearing at all in one ear. If this is a severe or profound hearing loss, the condition is also called unilateral deafness. Unilateral hearing loss is not uncommon.

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Tinnitus and hearing loss

One recent study found that hearing loss can worsen tinnitus. Are you experiencing tinnitus? Constant ringing in your ears is…

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When Should I Replace My Hearing Aids?

New hearing aids can make your life easier. There are two reasons why you should replace your hearing aids regularly. First, your hearing changes over time. For example, your current hearing aids may be set too loud or too soft. Second, technology is constantly evolving and creating new hearing comfort.

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Hearing Damage Self Healing

Gene therapies could soon repair hearing damage. But the most effective approach would be to avoid noise – especially that from headphones.

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Maintenance of your hearing aids

There are many things to consider when it comes to proper hearing aid maintenance. We have summarized hearing aids as the right tips and typical malfunctions for you.

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