Which brand of hearing aid is the best in 2021?

The broad conclusion is that each brand of hearing aid has similar results. If you judge hearing aids by their effectiveness, each brand of hearing aid is equivalent on a large scale (if you count the experience of many people), and there is no absolute conclusion as to who is better or worse.

More and more young people have hearing problems

More and more young people have hearing problems. Various studies document a growing number of young people with hearing loss and tinnitus. The cause is that young people often listen to loud music on their smartphones. Obesity can also lead to hearing loss, according to study results.

How To Choose The Best Hearing Aids In 2021

How To Choose The Best Hearing Aids In 2021. An approximated 40% -50% of all elders have a quantifiable hearing impairment. For some, the results of the loss are minor, while for others it affects virtually every element of life. The hearing loss all frequently triggers communication errors, shames, and a sense of isolation. In addition to the opportunity of cochlear implants, hearing aids are the major approach of treating hearing loss, from the small to the extensive loss.

Hearing aids can improve balance in older adults

Older adults who are hard of hearing and use hearing aids have a better sense of balance than those who do not use hearing aids.
A study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that older adults with weaker hearing have better balance when they wear hearing aids in both ears.

Stem cells may be able to restore hearing

Hearing loss is usually the result of damage to sensory hair cells in the inner ear. Birds can reproduce these sensory hair cells on their own, but mammals, and therefore humans, do not have this ability. Researchers are therefore looking for a solution to convert stem cells into sensory hair cells to be able to restore hearing.