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It has long been believed that disruptive sounds are triggered by the inner ear itself. Due to the development of the inner ear (which is assumed to be the case), the sound is then transmitted to the brain via the auditory nerve, which is then processed as a disruptive sound. Even after surgery in which the auditory nerve is severed (subsequently resulting in numbness), tinnitus remains. It does not occur in the inner ear but is caused by excessive brain activity.

hearing loss

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom. It is a hissing or whistling sound, a soft sound that can usually only be heard by you. In rare cases, an outsider can hear the annoying sound with the help of a stethoscope. Many people have these noises in their ears that are not attenuated or affected in any way by the whistling or hissing. Your tinnitus falls into one of four categories. Class 1 There is tinnitus, but no psychological stress. Grade 2 Here, tinnitus is temporarily considered a burden to daily life. The affected person is doing well, but with increased stress, the sound in the ear is annoying and loud. The third grade in the 3-grade classification shows the load that affects your performance in daily life and at work. They suffer from the noise in the ears and the consequent decrease in quality of life. With a fourth-degree in Year 4, your professional and private environment is severely restricted. There is usually no ability to work.

Two types of tinnitus: subjective and objective.

Objective tinnitus can cause outsiders to hear it. For example, the cause may be a circulatory disorder. This can make the blood flowing in the ear audible. But a dysfunction or tumor in the middle ear can also cause a disturbing sound to be heard.

Subjective tinnitus is present in more than 99% of cases. This means that there is no physical source of sound that directly triggers the unpleasant sound. The following article focuses on the development and management of subjective tinnitus.

What happens to tinnitus when the cause is usually in the brain?

Tinnitus is more common in people with hearing loss. There are nerve cells in the inner ear that may be damaged by hearing loss. If the nerve cells are damaged, the brain can no longer be stimulated. Due to the lack of stimulation, the brain develops “adaptation techniques” that are thought to compensate for the lack of incoming tones. This is where the brain becomes overactive and consequently produces disturbing sounds.

What can promote tinnitus?

Health conditions

Inflammation of the ear or sinus area can cause temporary deterioration of hearing and tinnitus. A simple cold can affect your middle ear and cause you to have tinnitus. Once this subsides, the noise in the ear associated with the cold disappears.

Hearing damage can affect tinnitus

A combination of poor hearing usually leads to tinnitus. The area where tinnitus occurs usually exhibits the greatest hearing loss.

Stress – and how to deal with noise that affects your ears

Constant stress and a general state of mind can lead to tinnitus. I personally feel this way. I hear my tinnitus during the stages where everything blends together and I am very involved. Coping strategies are very important here and you will find them further on in this article. It is often a simple way to reduce stress and focus on the basics.


Side effects caused by taking medications may negatively affect your ears and hearing and promote the development of tinnitus. If you suspect that taking medication may cause tinnitus, please consult your doctor. He will be by your side to offer advice.

Which doctor sees if you have tinnitus.

As mentioned above, tinnitus is a symptom. This symptom may occur as a result of the following limitations and illnesses.

  • Mental status
  • Hearing loss
  • Misalignment of the jaw
  • Dental discomfort
  • Tumors on the auditory nerve
  • Imbalance in the neck and cervical region
  • Dizziness (Meniere’s disease)
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Back pain/misalignment

Therefore, it is possible to visit the following doctors for tinnitus treatment. Neck, nose otolaryngologist Orthodontist Dentist Orthopedic surgeon Family doctors

When to see a doctor if you hear ringing in your ears?


An ear, nose, and throat specialist should check for more than one sound or a disturbing sound within the first 48 hours. This is not an emergency, but it should be taken seriously. By responding promptly, you are more likely to have tinnitus again.

What should I do about ringing in the ears?

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Meditation and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.

Daily life is often a haystack. Many people affected by tinnitus report high levels of stress in their daily lives or in relation to the initial appearance of tinnitus. Here, it often helps to plan your time and live a healthy lifestyle. Mental closure and relaxation during exercise or meditation are golden for reducing stress. This is likely nothing new to you, but the realization may be new. Start with small steps. Continue for five minutes a day. You will definitely feel the effects. In addition, you should plan a realization that you can easily and quickly incorporate into your daily life and that is realistic for you. For example, for meditation, I use an app such as Headspace, which guides you through the process of meditation. The man lying on a bench relaxing.

What to do about tinnitus?

Generally speaking, prolonged circular exercise is very appropriate. Jogging Circulation Walking Swimming These are just general statements. The question is always what works for you. What do you like and what can you easily do in the long run? For me personally, it’s a little round of strength training during my lunch break. Nothing gives me such deep relaxation and can be done as consistently as the good old gym. But the question is what works for you. That’s why my personal advice is: try different methods and implement them. Better today, better tomorrow. And just a few steps away from the planned running unit yet to be implemented. Make it easy on yourself. And do it.

Tinnitus retraining therapy.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT for short) begins with a thorough examination by an ear, nose, and throat doctor. It uses special hearing aids (noise or masking devices). The point is that you will be distracted by annoying tinnitus noises such as noise. Because of TRT, you are expected to be aware of tinnitus in your daily life, so it is best not to pay much attention to it. Your health insurance company will cover the cost of tinnitus retraining therapy. Whether your health insurance company will cover the cost depends on whether your ENT doctor prescribes tinnitus retraining therapy and the severity of the hearing loss.

Chances of success with tinnitus retraining therapy.

With TRT, most patients with about 60% of tinnitus improve. On the other hand, one-third have no change. In addition, the symptoms worsen. About ten percent of people feel that their tinnitus has worsened. Hearing Therapy and Tinnitus Center Music Therapy. Listening to and concentrating on the rustling of the ground or the chirping of birds is part of some therapies. These therapies shift the attention from the tinnitus to the environment. Various everyday noises or musical instruments are used for this purpose. This is not only related to music and focus, but also to relaxation. Because this usually has to be relearned, those who cannot hear the annoying noises will now forget to turn off the power in their daily lives. Avoid silence. You can definitely listen to music or audiobooks. Music, ambient noise, or speech can be distracting. Many audiobook apps have a sleep button that automatically turns off after a period of time. This allows you to distract yourself and fall asleep easily without having to focus on the noise in your ears. Also, small Indoor fountains can provide enough of a distraction through their background noise. Adjusting hearing aids for tinnitus. Adjusting your hearing aid not only compensates for your hearing loss but also distracts from tinnitus. After fitting a hearing aid, you will once again feel the sound you haven’t heard in a long time This is enough to stop focusing on the noise in your ears. As mentioned above, tinnitus can have multiple causes. It can often be best achieved through a combination of different therapies and strategies in

Education about tinnitus.

A healthy and active lifestyle with exercise and conscious relaxation. Adaptation of special hearing aids. Psychotherapy. The goal is usually to distract your attention from loud noises. In some cases, your ear noise will be quieter. In some cases, it can disappear completely. It is important that you inform yourself and share your thoughts with other affected people. By the way, in most cases, tinnitus is harmless. In addition, the chances of improvement through various treatments are very good.

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