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Why is my hearing aid whistling? Some users often ask: What is the “squeaking” sound of hearing aids? In fact, this “squeaking” sound is what we often call “whistling”. The whistling sound can help you check whether your hearing aid is working properly.
Why is my hearing aid whistling?
When the hearing aid is loaded with batteries and held in your hand, the whistling sound indicates that it is working properly.
However, if the whine is still present in the ear, then it is not normal. At this time, you need to perform some tests to determine the cause of the whine, so that you can prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem.

What is whistling?

Hearing aid whistling occurs when the sound amplified by the hearing aid leaks out of the ear canal through a gap in the ear canal and is accepted by the hearing aid microphone, which is then amplified again by the hearing aid, and this process continues to circulate, resulting in whistling.

What should I do if whistling occurs?

Wearing problems

Most of the whistling that occurs during the wearing process of a new hearing aid is due to improper fitting. It is normal for the user to be unskilled in wearing the new hearing aid and to experience whistling when taking it off and on.

Obstructive objects

When the phone is close to the hearing aid, a hat, scarf, etc. may cause whistling when the hearing aid is covered. This is normal and should be removed away from the hearing aid.

Aging of accessories, not sealed

After a period of time, the hearing aids will deteriorate. The hearing aid ear hooks, sound guide tubes, ear molds/ear plugs may be cracked or poorly connected, which may lead to sound leakage during the transmission process, resulting in whistling. At this point, the aged parts need to be replaced.

Volume problems

If the whistling occurs only when the volume is adjusted to a high level, but not at a normal volume, and does not affect daily use, then no treatment is needed. If due to hearing loss or other reasons, the volume needs to be turned up in most cases, and the whistling has affected daily use, you need to ask your fitter to deal with it.

Changes in the ear canal

In children, the ear canal becomes thicker and the ear nail cavity larger as they age; in older people, collagen loss and loose collapsed skin in the ear canal as they age can lead to whistling from the reduced sealing of the earmold to the custom machine shell, which then needs to be recreated.
When a hearing aid whistles, you can conduct a simple check according to the above. If you still can’t solve the problem after the check, you need to find a dispenser to help you deal with it, and you can inform the dispenser of the results of your own check and the problem.


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